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API Features

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Deep Music Data

The R&R Music API gives you information on over 70 millions songs with billions of data points. You can search through our massive music catalogue through metadata and sound parameters like BPM, mood, and genre cloud. What's more, our powerful recommendation engine means you can search using track that sounds like each other - analysing the music in the same way that the human brain does. Just enter your seed track and the API will give you back the most sonically similar results.

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If more than 60 data points from our world-leading recommendation engine isn't enough for you, we're amping up the radio streaming service included in the R&R Music API to give you contextual recommendations. Using the R&R Music API you'll be able to stream radio, learn which users listen to what track (sorting by characteristics like age, gender and location) as well as have the ability to create context radio stations depending on more ambient data, such as location, date, time and weather. A radio station for rainy days? It's easy with R&R Music's API.

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Powerful Integration

We've partnered with leading media companies to make sure that your apps can use the largest and best historial music database around, meaning its extremely easy for you to integrate millions of tracks into your apps. Combine this with our powerful search engine and recommendation engine and you have all you need to create comprehensive and beautiful musical experiences.


Music API letting you build our music data and recommendation engine into your existing apps

Tap into a library of over 70 millions songs, all tagged with comprehensive listings information

Comprehensive documentation and code examples to get you up and running quickly

Dedicated developer support team to help guide you through the API

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